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When it comes to climate change, some build mental walls, others actual walls

Two stories of note came over the wires in the last few days and both involve the creation of barriers against the effects of climate change.

The first story comes out of Singapore where the Environment Minister, , is mandating the sea walls be raised in anticipation of rising sea levels.

Late last year, the government decided the height of all new reclamations must be 2.25 metres (7.5 feet) above the highest recorded tide level — a rise of a metre over the previous mandated minimum height.

The additional buffer was costly but necessary, Environment Minister Vivian Balakrishnan told Reuters in a recent interview.

“You are buying insurance for the future,” he said during a visit to a large flood control barrier that separates the sea from a reservoir in the central business area.


On, Christopher Mims draws parallels from a study out the University of Kent regarding conspiracy theories to the reaction of climate changed denial.

 It’s not that they really believe what they’re saying. It’s more that they don’t trust authority figures on the matter.


Climate change deniers, too, are building walls, much like the government of Singapore, to keep out the rising sea of evidence that human activity is contributing to the changes we observe in our climate.  When we look at nations with the most to lose from climate change and rising sea levels, we see broad acceptance and an urgent need for action. The Netherlands is attempting to climate proof their nation. The Maldives are literally looking for a new homeland. Governments facing the opportunity of huge economic benefits from developing petroleum and hydrocarbon resources, have a more measured and cautious approach.


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