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Is Man a Mistake?

Is Man a Mistake?

It’s been almost six months since we started this blog, so I reviewed  various posts we’ve done.  We’ve said about viewpoints of environmental scientists and lay people who are concerned about human impacts on natural systems, in particular:

Each of those men have substantial credentials and seemed honest in telling us what they see as the big threats  caused by civilizations’ “fowling our nest” over recorded history. There was talk of “tipping points,” perhaps already passed, which will cause very large climate changes despite whatever we can do in the immediate future.

Their alarms reminded me of my mother’s judgment many years ago: “The human race was a mistake.” I prefer to say that nature does not make mistakes. Nature experiments, and I and all of us are surrounded by whatever the current experiment produces, including those who speak and act as if Earth were infinite with unbreakable ecosystems.

Every time I look at the intro screen on my computer, which has a great picture of another spiral galaxy and of so many individual stars in between, I wonder how other intelligent life has handled the issues of advanced technologies impacting their own environments. It’s estimated that there are about 100 billion planets just in our own Milky Way galaxy, and there may be many civilizations out there which have solved environmental problems similar to our own. I’d love to hear from  kind, intelligent extraterrestrials. In the meanwhile, I’ll pay attention to what Mother Earth is telling us.


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