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For us, the desire to examine our consumer society emerges from an ethical, and in some cases religious, perspective that holds that we are not the owners of this world, simply the trustees. We have a moral and ethical obligation to do everything we can to ensure the best chance as health and happiness for future generations.


Mining and Man’s March Towards Extinction

Abraham Lincoln was a lifelong proponent of “improvements,” meaning the products of human labor focused on converting natural resources into useful goods for human …

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Guilt and Immigration

Do Americans have an obligation to take in as immigrants 27% of the world’s people who will be displaced because of climate change? …

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Laudato Si and Consumption

This blog has struggled to find plausible solutions to the planet’s core problem of “Too many people consuming too much.” Our journeys into politics, …

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Pope Francis and David Brooks

Our blog’s equation, “Too many people consuming too much equals environmental degradation,” has two causal parts: people and their consumption. Pope Francis’ 200-page encyclical, …

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