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For us, the desire to examine our consumer society emerges from an ethical, and in some cases religious, perspective that holds that we are not the owners of this world, simply the trustees. We have a moral and ethical obligation to do everything we can to ensure the best chance as health and happiness for future generations.


World Government, Part II

In this post I will assume that climate change has accelerated and that its unwelcome consequences – rising seas with monster, more frequent storms; …

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Big Goal for 2018 and Beyond

What is a credible long-term goal, for 2018 and beyond, for men who want their grandchildren’s world to be as comfortable as the world they …

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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate

Naomi Klein, a prolific writer, has published a book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate,” which articulately details part of this blog’s …

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Guilt and Immigration

Do Americans have an obligation to take in as immigrants 27% of the world’s people who will be displaced because of climate change? …

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